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Furniture Protection Plan

Protect your new furniture from the stains and damage that everyday life brings

Guardsman Protection Overview

Guardsman is the Furniture Mart Service Provider that allows the consumer to “Furnish Fearlessly.” With Guardsman Protection Plans, the customer can choose a protection plan best serving their needs for the lifestyle they live. With protection from Guardsman, you won’t have to worry about messy friends, you can let kids be kids and you can enjoy life’s surprises.

Protect Your Furniture with Guardsman

5 Year Gold Prime Plus Plan for Indoor Furniture and Area Rugs

Help protect your new furniture and area rug from the stains and damage of a life well-lived. Because memories are created on lazy Sunday mornings, act now to help your furniture outlast years of reclining.

The Guardsman® Gold Prime Plus Furniture and Area Rug Protection Plan lets you "Furnish Fearlessly", by servicing food and beverage stains, human and pet biological stains and many other specific damages resulting from single incident accidents. Let the expert Guardsman technicians worry about keeping your furniture clean and repaired, so you don't have to.

5 Year Ultimate Defense Outdoor Plan for Outdoor Furniture

Protect your new outdoor furniture from the elements, accidental stains and damage of a life well-lived. With Guardsman's Ultimate Defense Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan, it’ll be blue skies and family cookouts for years! You can Furnish Fearlessly, knowing that expert Guardsman technicians can clean and repair your patio furniture to a look you’ll love a long, long time.

Ask Your Design Consultant for Details

*All customers who have purchased Guardsman and listed their email address on their Furniture Mart contract will receive an email from Guardsman/Valspar via This email asks if the customer would prefer a hard copy of their Guardsman Plan or if they would prefer to receive a digital copy via email. If the customer does not reply within 30 days, Guardsman will process a hard copy of the Guardsman Plan and mail it to the customer.