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Debbie is a true southern girl from Mobile, Alabama, home of beautiful azaleas and stunning historic homes. As a young girl, Debbie became interested in fabrics and clothing. Her mother worked at a fine furniture store, and would bring home the discontinued fabric samples for young Debbie, who began to sew and create things from the scraps. As Debbie grew older, she began to help her mother at the furniture store.

At the age of 17 Debbie officially started her career in the furniture industry. As time went on, she added several design studies to expand her repertoire, and began to enjoy kitchen, and home swimming pool design, as well as home furnishings.

Design Philosophy:

“I aim for my clients to love and enjoy their home. No one wants to live in a museum. My challenge is to respect every client’s style, and create designs that will remain timeless.”

Debbie is the girl with patience when assisting clients. Home design is so personal that many clients have a hard time making decisions, and that’s exactly the area of Debbie’s expertise.

Personal Style:

Debbie’s personal favorite style is contemporary mixed with a little old retro modern. Her favorite homes are waterfront and mountain homes, and her favorite room to design is the Family Room. Debbie loves to work on rooms that families can truly enjoy and utilize on a daily basis. She also has experience working with many brands, especially since each unique job budget determines the brand she uses.

“My goal when I work with clients is to do the best job possible, and to have them love it. I'm full of ideas to add to their request wants. Quality is important to me as well, so I always explain exactly what they can get with their money.”

Role at Furniture Mart:

New home construction starts with the floor plan. Debbie prefers to visit the home when she is working on room projects. Many times, the client has some piece that will stay in the room. She loves to space plan so the client knows exactly the size and shape for every area needed. This is important because it keeps the client from making buying mistakes.

Once Debbie is finished with a project, she will make sure the client is satisfied as well. Since working with Furniture Mart for 14 years, Debbie has kept all of her project files for follow-up with each client.

“Choosing me to help you with your home will give you a beautiful professional job. There are no fees for my service, and no clock running on phone calls! I have worked in the industry for over 30 years.”

Debbie’s biggest accomplishment is getting that call back for the next room, the next home, the friend, the neighbor that loved the job she had done.

Interesting Fact:

Debbie has worked on as many as 5 homes for the same client!

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