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At Jacksonville Furniture Mart, we offer exceptional design services to help you create your dream space. Our team of talented designers provides expert guidance and personalized solutions, ensuring a seamless experience that incorporates your preferences and budget to deliver stylish and functional interiors.

Personalized Design for Every Taste

Some people love red, some love blue. Our design services cater to every personality and style. Whether you want to showcase your fun and spunky individuality with splashes of yellow and bright reds, or you prefer a calming, spa-like retreat with pretty blues and greens, our experienced designers are here to help. They listen to your needs and create the perfect blend of fashion and function for your home.

Tailored Solutions and Space Planning

Our designers can make house calls and utilize space planners to layout furniture and accessories that reflect your personality. With a business built around relationships, we ensure that your style, color preferences, spatial concerns, and overall vision are fully understood and realized. Our goal is to design a space that not only meets your expectations but also surpasses your imagination.

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Featured Design Consultants

9230 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville FL, 32225

Design Center and Showroom

Danielle Gavronsky

Danielle Gavronsky

Danielle Gavronsky, a seasoned sales specialist, brings over a decade of expertise in creating functional and stylish spaces. Raised in Indiana and now based in Florida, her background in carpentry and DIY projects sparked her passion for interior design. At Furniture Mart, she excels in personalized customer service and seamless design solutions, blending mid-century modern aesthetics with bohemian touches. Outside of work, Danielle enjoys sports, hiking, and staying current with industry trends at High Point Market.

Deb Mischely

Deb Mischley

Deb Mischley, an expert in both commercial and residential interior design, brings over a decade of experience crafting unique and functional spaces. Based on Amelia Island, she has worked extensively with local builders, real estate agents, and clients to create customized interiors that reflect personal tastes and needs. Fluent in Spanish and enriched by a multicultural background, Deb's design approach is client-focused, ensuring each project is a perfect blend of creativity and practicality.

Danielle Gavronsky

Paige Hill

Paige Hill brings over 30 years of design expertise to Furniture Mart, with a background that includes a tenure at Ralph Lauren and running her own successful design firm. Her client-focused approach ensures personalized and harmonious design plans, tailored to reflect individual styles and needs. Paige's eclectic style seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements, creating timeless spaces. Outside of design, she is also a skilled gourmet cook, trained by top chefs.

Peggy R Marin

Peggy R. Martin

Peggy R. Martin, with over 30 years of expertise, is a distinguished Design Consultant known for her work with high-profile clients and award-winning designs. At Furniture Mart, she excels in understanding clients' lifestyles to create personalized spaces that blend modern trends with classic elements. Outside of work, Peggy enjoys fishing, rollerblading, and singing with local bands, adding a vibrant touch to her multifaceted life.

Christina Chaison

Christina Chaison

Christina, from New Orleans, LA, excels in creating personalized, sophisticated designs. She expertly blends existing furniture with modern styles, drawing from her background in property management and real estate. Christina's approach focuses on understanding her clients' lifestyles and preferences to craft spaces that reflect their unique stories. Her coastal comfort style brings oceanfront tranquility to every project, making each space inspiring and tailored to her clients' needs.

Peggy R Marin

Debbie Dunlap

Debbie Dunlap, a seasoned design specialist from Mobile, Alabama, brings over 30 years of experience to Furniture Mart. Starting her career in the furniture industry at 17, she excels in creating timeless, personalized designs that clients love. Known for her patience and attention to detail, Debbie specializes in space planning and ensuring client satisfaction. Her personal style blends contemporary and retro modern elements, and she enjoys designing functional family rooms. Debbie’s dedication is evident in her long-term client relationships and exceptional design outcomes.

Christina Chaison

Shirley Cook

Shirley Cook brings over 40 years of furniture industry experience, with a decade at Furniture Mart. She specializes in creating comfortable, stylish spaces tailored to client preferences and budgets. Shirley excels at coordinating fabrics and finding unique pieces, leveraging the store's extensive resources. Known for her dedication to client satisfaction, she has built a loyal clientele over the years.


Vanessa Lacono

Vanessa Lacono brings over 14 years of design expertise to Furniture Mart, combining a lifelong passion for creativity with professional training from The Art Institute of Atlanta. Known for her hands-on approach, Vanessa excels in space planning, staging, and accessorizing, ensuring every project reflects her clients' visions. She loves the dynamic nature of home consultations and the satisfaction of seeing clients' happiness with the final results.

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